Device I used

This Website will be Document of my blog for each Project I had made. Most Document will be may not accurate. All document will be include Script command.

Device I use:

  • Raspberry-Pi 3 b+(Pi-Hole, Security Camera, VPN Server)
  • Pine64 4GB Ram edition(Turn and Mariadb and Redis Server)
  • Router R7000 Firmware custom (DD-Wrt) with Static IP
  • Server Tower
Photo Showed: DD-Wrt Router, Switch, Pi-Hole, VPN Server
not showed: Mariadb Server, Server Tower

What I Build:

  • Pi-Hole DNS Server– Raspberry-Pi 3 b+
  • Plesk VPS Server with Redis Docker – Server Tower
  • VPN Server– Virtual Machine
  • DD-Wrt Router– Netgear R7000
  • Turn Server – Pine64
  • Mariadb Database– Pine64
  • Security Camera– RaspberryPi 4

Why I did Build at home?

  • Pi-Hole: I build DNS Server for our home and our Public Device(Cellular). Keep malware and Virus and phishing away from us.
    • No adverting most on Website, YouTube.
  • VPN Server: Only for using my own logging not from AT-T Company. To keep me my own right private.
    • Keep Log away from AT-T or company service.
    • Different location
  • DD-WRT: Custom firmware with Netgear R7000 more feature.
    • More Feature I can play with and more Advanced Feature than stock.
  • Plesk VPS Server: Build Virtual Private Server for me to Build Website and cloud for customer.
    • Free provide with Email Plesk milter (Postfix) and Dovecot IMAP and POP3 server and Website and SSL secure.
    • paid monthly
      • Plesk Email Security Pro
      • KernelCare (auto update without rebooting)
      • ImunifyAV Anti-Virus
  • Redis Server: in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker.
    • use it for lock file and cache and most performance.
  • Mariadb Database: All database for all Website and Cloud Site and any web server need connect database for security and user information data.