My Document: I already build Server at home.

Coming Soon for Document. so you guy can read what I did so far.

  • Install Plesk with Hyper-V with Physical Hard drive 4TB
  • Pi-Hole: Network-wide Ad Blocking with raspberry pi 3
  • Pf-sense Firewall open source with old Desktop with 10 LAN Gig and 2 10 LAN gig speed.
  • Nextcloud on Plesk Server
  • Email server with Plesk Server
  • WordPress with Plesk Server Free edition with 9 dollars per month security
  • Mariadb Database on Pine64 4GB with 4TB External Drive
  • DD-Wrt Netgear R7000
  • (Old Version) raspberrypi nginx server with wordpress
  • (Old Version) Nextcloud Pine64

Coming Soon: The Project I am about to plan build but keep budget.

  • looking for Server rack shelf ( more clean and space)
  • few Desktop or Sever rack computer( so i can build many thing with old PC)
  • Network Cat 6a cable for entire house
  • Security Camera Cheap method with Raspberry Pi with 12TB External Drive.
  • Maybe building Blog myself about life.