How to build RustDesk on Portainer with Cloudflare domain (Disable proxy needed)?

Again, Please listen to RustDesk warning! DO NOT Download RustDesk and connect to the phone agent, their server. They will scam and steal your information. So, the only you can get from me is Social media or Text for key.

This is cheaper than TeamViewer and the best solution for my job to fixing my employee’s computer or family computer to solve the mystery issues on computer or Android phone. And well-secured. I decided to use enforced encrypted on RustDesk because I would rather not make it exposed to the public and abuse my RustDesk server.

Written Instruction:

version: '3'
    container_name: rustdesk-server
      - 21115:21115
      - 21116:21116
      - 21116:21116/udp
      - 21117:21117
      - 21118:21118
      - 21119:21119
    image: rustdesk/rustdesk-server-s6:latest
      - ""
      - "ENCRYPTED_ONLY=1"
      - "DB_URL=/db/db_v2.sqlite3"
      - "KEY_PRIV=YourPrivateKEY"
      - "KEY_PUB=YourPublicKey"
      - /home/applegate/docker/rustdesk/db:/db
    restart: unless-stopped

Key need generates by this command line on ssh terminal.

Command: docker run –rm –entrypoint /usr/bin/rustdesk-utils rustdesk/rustdesk-server-s6:latest genkeypair

Then paste these output to your docker-compose key.

Then deploy the stacks. Now you have your RustDesk up, running and encrypted so no one can mess with your RustDesk sever.

Video Instructions:





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